Homeroom Teachers

Homeroom Teachers are teachers that have a homeroom and teach a particular grade level.


Ms. Pearson- Room 101

Mrs. Arnold- Room 109

Mrs. Cantagallo- Room 110


First Grade

Mrs. Gibbs- Room 103

Ms. Aderson- Room 105

Mr. Console- Room 106

Ms. Ritter- Room 107


Second Grade

Ms. Rohanna- Room 202

Ms. Love- Room 203

Ms. Norris- Room 204

Ms. Thomas- Room 205

Ms. Zerounian- Room 208


Third Grade

Mrs. McKeown- Room 207

Ms. McKenzie- Room 209

Mrs. Fox- Room 305

Mrs. McLaughlin- Room 309

Ms. Voron


Fourth Grade

Ms. Starks- Room 301

Ms. Satchell- Room 306

Ms. Thompson- Room 307

Mr. Kilman- Room 308