Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate, prepare, and empower all students to become productive citizens.  We set high expectations and implement a core curriculum that embeds diverse programming into instruction. The ‘art of teaching’ will enhance the capabilities, and support the belief that children are lifelong learners.  Our teachers and staff members are advocates for children, families, and communities.  We will maintain school partnerships in the education of our children. We also value the input of all stakeholders, home and school partnerships, and the business community in order to guide the future of our children.

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer an educational program of excellence that prepares. empowers, and enables all students to become productive citizens locally, nationally and internationally by developing 21st century skills that will enable our students to not only compete, nut lead in a global society. The students will demonstrate proficient skills using an array of instructional strategies and accommodations through proficient and rigorous instruction. This will afford them the opportunity to advance the the next educational level.


Our central purpose is to create an intellectual climate, ensuring that a; students are challenged to meet and exceed high expectations in a ll subject areas.


All subjects areas develop and nurture literacy and critical thinking skills


Researched- based information and data is what guides and drives our instruction so that children can make connections between learning and their lives


Our school community demonstrates mutual respect, tolerance, and caring by providing positive academic and extracurricular activities


Our school values recognition of our students, faculty, parents, and community for their talents and contributions


At Patterson, our philosophy directly aligns with five basic core beliefs:

  • Children first
  • Parents are our partners
  • Victory is in the classroom and facilitated by a strong instructional leader
  • Leadership and accountability are the keys to success
  • It takes the engagement of the entire community to ensure the success of its public schools