Faculty and Staff

John M. Patterson staff and principal core beliefs are:

  • Children first
  • Parents are our partners
  • Victory is in the classroom and facilitated by a strong instructional leader
  • Leadership and accountability are the keys to success
  • It takes the engagement of the entire community to ensure the success of its public schools

Administration includes the principal, dean of students and office support staff.

Specialists and Services includes specialty teachers and individuals that provide special services to students.

Homeroom Teachers are teachers that have a homeroom and teach a particular grade level.

Noontime Aides are support staff that may monitor and help your children throughout the day.

Supportive Service Assistants or SSA’s are staff that help teachers and students in various ways that include secretarial help, student arrival and dissmissal and reading support.

Cafeteria Staff work in the cafeteria and help your children procure a nutritious meal.

Custodial Staff help make sure our building is safe, clean and functioning well.