School Uniforms
School Uniforms are mandated by the Philadelphia School District
For boys: navy pants and light blue shirts with collars
For girls: navy pants, skorts, skirts, or jumpers, with light blue shirts.
Gym day: sneakers required.

NO Jeans, NO T-Shirts, NO Muscle Shirts

Arrival and Dismissal
Arrival: Students may arrive to school no earlier than 8:00am. Students may not enter the building at that time unless they are part of the breakfast program or if there is inclement weather. Please see our inclement weather procedures below.

Dismissal: No Early Dismissal after 2:30 P.M. Please report to the front desk or office to sign out your child early. Kindergarten students must be signed out in the building.

If you need to speak to your child or to your child’s teacher, you must report to the office first or call school at 215.492.6453.

If Your Child is Absent
If your child is absent, you must send in a note explaining the reason for the absence. If your child is late, they are to enter by the front door and will be issued a late slip. An automated phone call is made that same day to report student’s that are late or absent.

Inclement Weather Procedures
Students will enter the school building NOT Before 8:00 A.M. Grades 2, 3 and 4 will report to the cafeteria. Kindergarten and grade 1 will report to the auditorium At 8:20 A.M. students will wait:

For Inclement dismissal:
The first floor (Kindergarten and first grade) will report to the auditorium

Our alternate school in case of emergency is Tilden Middle School at 66th & Elmwood.

Health Services
The school provides a variety of services to students, screening for healthy development, special programs and assistance with referrals. The School District requires that no student be admitted to school without documentation of proper immunization.

If you must contact the nurse:

Phone: 215-492-6067
Email: tdaye@philasd.org

Valuable and Confiscated Items
Cell phones, video games, toy guns will be confiscated until a parent is able to come to the office to pick up the item.Valuable jewelry, earrings, rings etc.. also are safer at home.Please check your child’s backpack before they come to school each day.


There is a Lost and Found located on the first floor to reclaim clothing items.

Homework is given Monday through Thursday.

Report Card Conferences
Conferences are scheduled for December and March.

Dismissal will be 12:10.


Suggested times are:

Kindergarten: 20 minutes
Grades 1-2: 30 minutes
Grades 3-4: 45 minutes

Code of Behavior
The Philadelphia School District Code of Behavior states that students shall NOT:

Purposely disobey directions of the school staff
Purposely hurt or try to hurt anyone
Disrupt any school activity

Fight in school or on school property
Possess drugs or alcohol
Use language which is obscene, purposely disruptive or offensive to others
Assault a school employee
Leave school grounds without permission
Have in their possession a weapon or dangerous instrument
Have a cell phone
Please remember, that the best education for your child is achieved when we all work together.